Butterfly, Butterfly, Fly Fly Away

Flowers and perennials are on the move again. It is that time of year when we start to see green again and begin to smell the beautiful fragrances that fill our landscape gardens. With this time of year we start to see the birds frequent our yards and can hear the buzz of the bees. One other … [Read more...]

Hand Picking the Right Tomato

Spring seems to be flirting with everyone here in Central Ohio and hasn't shown its face just yet. However, time is still moving on and at the end of the week, we will be in May! Hard to believe that April is over, but we are pushing forward and getting closer to the summer months. With that being … [Read more...]

Preparing for Spring

As Landscapers it is our job to know how to prepare a home for the long seasons of Spring, Summer & Fall. There is a lot of work that goes into the beginning of the process, but it is a matter of keeping up with your lawn and landscape to keep it within grasp. 1. Pruning back all of your … [Read more...]

Dandelion – Weed or Wonder?

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Smells Like Flower Spirit

Now that the perennials have started to pop out of the ground and there are blooms on the trees, its time to start talking about some of the amazing fragrances you will be able to smell in your landscape or maybe even around your neighborhood. Today I am going to write about some plants that you can … [Read more...]

The Annual Pot Display

Now that we are knee deep in Spring and the rain feels like it is never going to go away, we are starting to see more signs of color and warmth. This tells me that Summer is quickly approaching, thank the dear lord, and we are in for a treat with the coming of beautiful Annual Pot displays. This is … [Read more...]

What’s New and #Trending

So as time passes new fads come and go, even in the landscape industry believe it or not. This is something we as a company see year to year. At one point it was having a great patio in your backyard where you could relax with family and friends. Then, those people realized how cool it would be to … [Read more...]

Something New!

  Something new in our lives is always an interesting experience because we never know how this new experience or event is going to affect us. Well I have something that is most likely new for you, but I know this is only going to affect you in a positive manner. So after doing a little … [Read more...]