Hand Picking the Right Tomato

Spring seems to be flirting with everyone here in Central Ohio and hasn't shown its face just yet. However, time is still moving on and at the end of the week, we will be in May! Hard to believe that April is over, but we are pushing forward and getting closer to the summer months. With that being … [Read more...]

Smells Like Flower Spirit

Now that the perennials have started to pop out of the ground and there are blooms on the trees, its time to start talking about some of the amazing fragrances you will be able to smell in your landscape or maybe even around your neighborhood. Today I am going to write about some plants that you can … [Read more...]

The Annual Pot Display

Now that we are knee deep in Spring and the rain feels like it is never going to go away, we are starting to see more signs of color and warmth. This tells me that Summer is quickly approaching, thank the dear lord, and we are in for a treat with the coming of beautiful Annual Pot displays. This is … [Read more...]

A Fresh Taste In Your Garden

So like I have stated many times before Spring is here! It's so exciting to be done with the snow and cold weather, but unfortunately we will be getting quite a few showers for a month or so. That is part of the reason why I thought we could discuss gardening a little. With it being early in the … [Read more...]

The Bug of Terror

The Creative Crust here! I wanted to inform you all of the Emerald Ash Bore that has plagued many states in the Midwest and the East Coast. I am sure you may have noticed signs of trees dying either in your neighborhood, in the woods, or around town. Unfortunately this has been happening since … [Read more...]

When Will It End??

Big Blue here, Well I was supposed to be writing about anything except snow; however, under the circumstances I felt obligated to write about the snow since it will not stop.  This last storm was a bit a disappointment seeing how it did not reach the one foot mark as originally predicted.  The foot … [Read more...]

Organic Eating Within Your Landscape

Happy Monday! As we had mentioned, this is going to be a company wide effort in terms of blogging. So, we have our first individual blog post today from the one and only, Commercial Crossfit. This is a great blog that dives into eating healthy and how you can incorporate your landscape into your … [Read more...]