Hand Picking the Right Tomato

Spring seems to be flirting with everyone here in Central Ohio and hasn't shown its face just yet. However, time is still moving on and at the end of the week, we will be in May! Hard to believe that April is over, but we are pushing forward and getting closer to the summer months. With that being … [Read more...]

Something New!

  Something new in our lives is always an interesting experience because we never know how this new experience or event is going to affect us. Well I have something that is most likely new for you, but I know this is only going to affect you in a positive manner. So after doing a little … [Read more...]

And Then There Were 3

Well we have the last three bloggers to introduce to you today, then it is onto the good stuff. There is some great information that you will be able to learn from these individuals. We all know that they are going to provide some great blogs and this is just the beginning for them! Macho … [Read more...]

Authors Here! Get Your Authors Here!

We have a bunch of employees bios and blog teasers to get through, so we are going to put up a second post today. Here we have some more exciting bios and some cool teasers as well. We hope you are all enjoying the blog and if you have anything that you want us to blog about just shoot us a message … [Read more...]

Day 3 Woo Woo!

Alright so you have gotten a little taste of what this blog is going to be like so far minus some of the more informational side of landscaping. That is due to the fact that we would like to try and introduce everyone to you so you know who they are when you're reading the blog. Therefore, we will … [Read more...]

New and Improved

So like I may have mentioned before, we are trying new things here at Peabody Landscape Group, one of them being this blog, which we are again so excited about! Along with this blog, we have decided to move ahead of all the boring design work presentation for clients and get a little more … [Read more...]