The Annual Pot Display

Now that we are knee deep in Spring and the rain feels like it is never going to go away, we are starting to see more signs of color and warmth. This tells me that Summer is quickly approaching, thank the dear lord, and we are in for a treat with the coming of beautiful Annual Pot displays. IMG_1058This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year because people are so creative with the displays they are able to design. Its very beautiful to see and this time of the year is quickly approaching, so get excited!

Here at Peabody Landscape Group, we are about 2 weeks out before we start going around to our commercial and residential properties to install annuals. We are already preparing and designing the layouts that we will have and it is a very fun process. It allows you to mix colors and patterns that you would only get to do with crayons, but the best part is once the annuals take off, they grow together and form the most beautiful display of color you wouldannuals ever see.

Everyone has their own creative touch they like to make and this is something that you can do at your own home. You can either put annuals in your pots around your back patio or eve in some of your open bed space in the front and back yard.

The annuals give you the ability to add color to your landscape where you once only had mostly green foliage. Being able to mix the bright colors together or just adding a little bit of color here and there definitely gives the landscape a little bit of an uplift. Make sure to head over to your local nursery convenience store to pick up some annuals before they are all taken, and usually the peopleIMG_0958 - Copy who get there nice and early in the “annual season” get the best pickings. Good luck with your annual displays either in your pots or in your open bed spaces. Make sure to send us pictures and let us know how it goes!