We Can Ensure...

that your commercial landscaping needs will be met.

Peabody Landscape Group has been a commercial property management partner to many businesses in central Ohio and surrounding areas for years. We understand the value a beautiful and colorful commercial landscape provides to visitors and employees, and we maintain that value. Through our commercial landscape maintenance service, we offer our partners peace of mind knowing their businesses will always look beautiful on the outside all throughout the year.

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Experience and Understanding

Through our experience and technical abilities, we can ensure your commercial landscape needs are properly managed. We understand that your business’ appearance can significantly impact your customers and employees. It is our focus, whether you are in retail or office space, to maintain your landscape so that you are attracting customers and employees.

In the retail space, one of the first things a customer considers is the business’s outward appearance. Before they walk in the door, customers are looking at your exterior and associate it with your brand. Well-managed commercial landscapes can aid in getting customers through the door. We can ensure your landscape is beautiful, well-manicured, and appealing to customers.

Similarly, employees don’t want to experience a dull workplace. Part of being an attractive employer is having an attractive space for your employees. The outdoors offers a great change of pace for employees to take a break, enjoy their lunch, or even have a productive meeting with peers. Our maintenance teams will ensure your commercial landscape is looking great and satisfies both you and your employees.

Commercial Maintenance Services

It is in our best interest to provide you with a landscape that satisfies you and your shareholders. We want to make sure your commercial landscape is kept functional and attractive. With our landscape maintenance services, you can rest assured your property will be looking beautiful. We love our relationship with our local community in central Ohio, and we wish to strengthen it by adding you to our list of commercial partners.