Blacklick Elegance: Luxury on the Fairway

Nestled alongside the 9th hole of a pristine golf course, this ambitious backyard makeover perfectly marries form with functionality. A once challenging backyard slope now extended by a retaining wall, paving the way for a lavish inground pool featuring a waterfall. The surrounding limestone blue ice patio serves as an elegant stage, complemented by the warm glow of a contemporary gas fire feature. As night falls, the landscape springs to life with subtle illumination, thanks to strategically placed lighting fixtures. Ensuring privacy without compromising aesthetics, a living green fence of towering arborvitae provides a natural boundary, while the striking contrast of Mexican beach pebble lends a touch of modern sophistication. Dive in, relax by the fire, or simply enjoy the view; every element of this design beckons you to experience luxury on the fairway.
Peabody Landscaping did an excellent job on our backyard pool and hardscape project. Bud Gard and his team were extremely professional in completing our beautiful fire pit, waterfall and bluestone patio. It was a complex job with pool coping and a retractable pool cover vault that needed the expertise that Peabody has from many years of experience. In the end the team completed the project on time and on budget with fantastic results. Luxury pools and Peabody collaboration was a key to getting it done correctly and with the best results. We would highly recommend using Bud Gard and the Peabody team for your backyard transformation!!
Blacklick Elegance: Luxury on the Fairway 1
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