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Keeping a landscape looking its best can be a lot of work depending on how extensive the planting is. It may be difficult to keep up with lawn and garden maintenance, especially if you don’t have the time or experience with proper care for a landscape. Fortunately, Peabody Landscape Group has the team to take care of any and all lawn and gardening maintenance you need attention to. If bushes and shrubs need to be trimmed or your grass needs to be cut, we can take the worry off of your shoulders and keep your landscape looking great all year-round.

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Premier Horticulture

For over 40 years, Peabody Landscape Group has been a premier provider of horticultural services in Columbus, Ohio. Our team of highly skilled horticulturalists can help you improve and maintain your landscape’s overall health.

Every single yard is a microcosm. Across a yard, there are naturally occurring elements that create a tiny ecosystem. All these variables affect the health of the ecosystem, or how plants within it grow and develop over time. Often grasses and plants will die because they don’t have enough sunlight underneath a shady tree, or because they get too much sunlight sitting out in the open. Other factors like soil composition also affect whether you may need to fertilize your plants, or possibly grow different plants better suited to your soil’s conditions. Even small elevation changes can affect plant health with rain runoff patterns.

Residential Landscape Services

Focusing on high-quality work, we aim to provide you with the utmost satisfaction. In everything we do, we take care as if we were working on our own properties. We can provide a variety of services, all important in helping make your home beautiful.

Our team at Peabody Landscape Group can take care of your residential landscape needs. Whether you need fresh mulch to help define your beds, weekly lawn mowing to cover your chore list, tree, and shrub pruning to prevent overgrowth, or a new and beautiful garden installed, we can do it. You can find yard care tips and tricks by following us on Instagram, and we encourage you to contact us to ensure your yard looks beautiful all year long.

We would love the opportunity to show you why we are the best landscape maintenance professionals in Columbus and Central OH.

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Trusted Experience & Quality Work

If you want to have the best-looking yard in the neighborhood, then you’ve come to the right place. Peabody Landscape Group has cared for thousands of yards in Columbus and Central Ohio. Providing a variety of residential landscape services, our crews have helped homeowners keep their homes looking beautiful throughout the seasons.

Our experience in residential landscape is something we take pride in. Years of practice have taught us quality products and service are the only way we serve our clients. We view it as our responsibility to provide you with the best service and help. Our landscape professionals identify avenues of care for your residential landscape needs while addressing any questions you have along the way. Meanwhile, our landscape maintenance crews take on the responsibility of manifesting our product: a beautiful and high-quality landscape. Their focus is to do it right the first time, working until the job is done correctly, thoroughly, and to a high level.

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Healthy Lawn Turf Care

A healthy lawn is the first thing anyone notices in a residential landscape. Often, homeowners find themselves stuck with big brown spots in a lawn that distract from the healthy parts of their landscape. Crabgrass, broadleaf, and dandelions can often grow in a yard, reducing the nutrient intake and growth capabilities of a yard. There could even be grubs and insects which can outright destroy parts of a yard altogether. Yards withstand a lot of attacks, but not all of them. At Peabody Landscape Group, we aim to assist your yard in fighting back. Through lawn fertilization, weed control, and seeding techniques, we can ensure your yard looks beautiful.

Since the beginning, lawn care has been a staple in our operations as a landscape company. We have worked on thousands of yards throughout central Ohio, providing the local community with beautiful, lush lawns. It is here in our experience that we take pride. We understand what it takes to turn a worn-down lawn into something vibrant, and we have the capabilities to do so.

Healthy Lawn Services

Our lawn care process is simple. We assess the condition of your yard so that we can design an application schedule that allows it to flourish. Identifying the issues which may plague your lawn, we study the necessary plan of attack. We can test your soil and figure out its composition to create a plan down to the microbial level. With a variety of preventative applications, lawn fertilization, growth techniques, and seeding applications, we can create a unique solution to your yard’s woes. From there, your grass can grow and become as beautiful as ever.

Our lawn care abilities cover everything from applications to fertilizers, and growth techniques.

We Handle It All, from big to small

It is important to understand how your yard works, and what you can do to improve its health. Sometimes that can be hard, especially with the complexities that come with nature. But that is why we are here. It is our mission to provide our customers with an optimal landscape that is healthy, growing, and vibrant. Our experience in horticulture allows you to be sure your plants will be properly taken care of. Whether your yard needs tree trimming, deep root fertilizing, or something more sophisticated, we offer a wide variety of services that will leave it strong.

We know that every customer is unique, which is why we tailor our services to meet your needs. We offer everything from basic horticultural care in fertilizing to advanced arborist care in tree pruning.