The Annual Pot Display

Now that we are knee deep in Spring and the rain feels like it is never going to go away, we are starting to see more signs of color and warmth. This tells me that Summer is quickly approaching, thank the dear lord, and we are in for a treat with the coming of beautiful Annual Pot displays. This is … [Read more...]

Something New!

  Something new in our lives is always an interesting experience because we never know how this new experience or event is going to affect us. Well I have something that is most likely new for you, but I know this is only going to affect you in a positive manner. So after doing a little … [Read more...]

The Authorized Few

Well, we hope you have enjoyed our company bios so far. Everyone has really enjoyed writing them for you and can't wait to start writing their blogs about the topics that interest them most. Today we have a few more employees to introduce to you. We hope you enjoy reading them!   Big … [Read more...]

Breaking The Ice

Good Morning! We are so excited here at Peabody Landscape Group to bring you our blog, Peabody Landscapes Ohio! This blog is going to be so amazing, we can't wait for you all to start following us on a regular basis. Our first post is going to include some information about who is writing the … [Read more...]